Midtown is a largely residential district near the very heart of the city, consisting of historical neighborhoods, parks, superb shopping and dining. This area consists mostly of homes built from the early 1900s to the 1950s and has a wide variety of American styles. Woodward Park is known for its azaleas and gardens and is a popular destination for photography and picnics. The Gathering Place, a state of the art riverfront park, serves as a cornerstone to the Tulsa community at large.

Utica Square, Tulsa’s first suburban shopping center, is an upscale outdoor center with a mix of locally owned retailers, and great restaurants. Other major shopping centers in this part of the city include the Promenade Mall and Southroads.

In northeast Midtown, the Tulsa State Fairgrounds, are next to Expo Square, is and the Art Deco Expo Square Pavilion. In front of the Expo Center is the Golden Driller, standing 76 feet (23 m) tall. Built in 1966 as a symbol for the International Petroleum Expo, the statue serves as a reminder of Tulsa’s past.

Defining midtown Tulsa’s boundaries is a challenge and more of personal opinion rather than official determination. Many see midtown with a northern boundary following I-244, a west boundary along the east bank of the Arkansas River, the south boundary along 1-44 from the Arkansas River, to east boundary at Yale Avenue.

Located in Midtown: